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Rural America Housing is Losing out to Urban Jobs

The housing recovery has left rural America behind With the cost of housing in the big urban cities across the United States it's no wonder people are forced to move further away from the densely populated inner city. On the bright side of living in a rural area, it's much quieter and the pace is much slower. Something to look forward to on your way home from work. The largest distinction is … [Read More...]

Short Term Rental Available

CLICK HERE to see on Airbnb NOW! A beautiful setting and a great place to relax and enjoy your stay whether it's business or vacation. You'll be coming home to an air conditioned house so you can stay comfortable no matter what it's doing outside. Then relax in the sauna or hot tub after a hard day at work or play. There's also a big cozy couch to sit on while watching your favorite show on a … [Read More...]

Here are the 25 cities with the biggest rent hikes right now

The second-quarter report for the top 25 cities with the biggest rent hikes is out, with quite a few changes on it compared to the first quarter. The No. 1 city might still be the same, but many others jumped around. Take a look to see what's different and where to invest. RentRange, a provider of market data and analytics for the single-family rental industry, ranked the top 25 U.S. Metropolitan … [Read More...]

Cashflownaire-Cash Flow is King

I made up a new word: CASHFLOWNAIRE! Cashflownaire: A person who has the positive cash flow of a million (or multi-million) dollar net worth. As you probably know from previous posts, my financial strategy changed dramatically with the big 2008 market crash. My focus today is on monthly cash flow instead of wealth (net worth). I don’t care about being a millionaire. I do care about being a … [Read More...]

The Weed Business Is Real Estate Business

“With so many obstacles and regulations in the weed business, owning your real estate is the only thing we can control in this industry," Sally Vander Veer, CFO of Denver-based pot shop Medicine Man, tells Inc. "It's essential to long-term success.” That’s because, if you don’t own your own grow-house, it's typical for landlords to up the rent significantly after marijuana-growers invest huge sums … [Read More...]

Innovative Investing & Business Building

(This sketch is by Joe Mercadante) Around this time last year, I wrote an article highlighting ideas for paying for your child's college education. One of the best strategies to pay for college is to actually investing in rental real estate. This will be an update including the steps we’ve used ourselves. 1. When our daughters were very young, we decided to buy rental properties in order to fund … [Read More...]

How to Vet a Property Management Company

Choosing a property management company to oversee your rental can seem like a daunting task. How do you effectively vet a property management company? For one thing, you know that the relationship will most likely be a long-term, ongoing one, so finding a solid property manager is important. Additionally, when entrusting one of your largest assets to someone, you’ll want to make sure they’ll … [Read More...]

10 hottest neighborhoods for home flipping

Last year was the strongest year yet for home flipping, with gains on flips in 2015 hitting $102,400 per flip on average, up from $98,500 in 2014 and significantly higher than the peak of $90,900 during the last housing boom, according to a report from real estate brokerage Redfin. Unlike flipping, what if you purchased the same home with the intentions of holding onto it as a long term rental? … [Read More...]

From Ceiling Space to Playroom Loft

This townhouse only had two bedrooms and no loft, and desperately needed a dedicated workspace & playspace. Angie was struck with inspiration -- why not build a loft? She had her husband and father-in-law build this clever, creative loft and made it into a little nook for working and playing. Now Angie and her daughter both have a little place of their own to get away and color, play, and … [Read More...]

Rental Property Income Finance Retirement

According to Robert Berger of U.S. News and World Report, rental properties can provide a meaningful source of consistent income as part of your retirement planning and portfolio. He claims, “Buying a property or two could provide enough income to allow you to retire sooner.” However, you’ll need to ensure your investment properties will provide steady, positive cash flow throughout your retired … [Read More...]

San Francisco’s Rentals-Beds For $1800 A Month

Can’t afford an apartment in San Francisco? So-called “co-creative housing” is offering a bunkbed and lots of company. But is it legal? “It’s decorated nicely, looks clean,” she said. Other pluses: a communal kitchen, well stocked. And three bathrooms per floor, though Heidi found them not always spotless. “You still have those typical roommate issues but times that times 30, because there’s … [Read More...]

Remove Ugly Popcorn Ceiling In Just Seconds

Now THIS is efficiency at its finest. Oh popcorn ceilings, bless your heart. Your day has come and gone. Yesterday’s standard in residential construction is today’s eyesore. Such is life in the world of home design. Are you the owner of a popcorn ceiling? If so, don’t fret because the Internet is chock full of DIY popcorn removal tutorials. We even covered a nifty alternative to traditional … [Read More...]

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