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Another Housing Market Crash 2022

Despite the hype about the housing market crash and the latest interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, the truth is that it is not the Federal Reserve that is controlling interest rates. The … [Read More...]

National Housing Market Data

National Housing Market Data. This data is provided by Redfin Real Estate. You can play with the tabs and extract the data you need. You can look locally or nationally. You can use this data to keep an … [Read More...]

Website Page Speed Matters A lot

A sluggish website discourages individuals, and they will certainly switch to your competitors if they are not happy with your website page speed. With this fast-evolving buyers actions, one cannot … [Read More...]

Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance: Just How to Obtain Help Buying a House First time home buyers can apply for down payment support through state and also regional programs. Grants and also forgivable funding … [Read More...]

House Buying Process

How to Find Your Dream Home There are lots of things to think about when trying when you are out house buying, from finding an area that matches your requirements, to deciding what functions are … [Read More...]

How to Think Even Harder

We can get just about anything we want in life by “think even harder”. This is significantly different than trying to get what we want by “working” hard. Since this is true, how do you think … [Read More...]

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