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How to Think Even Harder

How to think even harder by Dan Terry We can get just about anything we want in life by “think even harder”. This is significantly different than trying to get what we want by “working” … [Read More...]

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How you can use the "Toll Position" to achieve financial freedom. In this special report, I'll walk through the "Toll Position" and how you can use it to achieve financial freedom. I will also … [Read More...]

Lower Down Payment With PMI

Banks are all about risk and collateral when it comes to making loans. While it’s possible to get a conventional mortgage with less than a 20% down payment, lenders usually require these borrowers to … [Read More...]

Short Term Rental Available

CLICK HERE to see on Airbnb NOW! A beautiful setting and a great place to relax and enjoy your stay whether it's business or vacation. You'll be coming home to an air conditioned house so you can … [Read More...]

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